We envision a Chester County filled with engaged and educated neighbors who actively participate in a vibrant democracy that works for the good of all.


Chester County Marching Forward (CCMF) is a progressive, nonpartisan community group that works to engage, educate and motivate our neighbors to be active and informed voters and civic participants.


Chester County Marching Forward (CCMF) was established in 2017 after the first Women’s March. We are a highly engaged activist group comprised of nearly 800 proactive voters, and we are growing in strength and number. CCMF is ‘nonpartisan’ in that we are not part of any political party; we try to collaborate with all elected officials to impact policy and legislation. We educate and motivate the electorate to VOTE, especially the young and disenfranchised. We advocate for progressive change on issues including Fair Districts, climate change, pipeline safety, access to reproductive health, public education, healthcare, immigrant and refugee treatment, systemic racism, and criminal justice reform. 


Truth and Transparency

We are open and honest with each other. We ask for clarification. We support our positions with the best available information and facts.

Diversity and Inclusion

We listen to all the voices that are around us and commit to listening more intently to those that are marginalized and oppressed. We seek diversity in our teams and activities. 

Collaboration and Participation

We work effectively together, respecting and encouraging valuable time generously shared. We support each other’s efforts and ask for support when needed. We seek broad participation within and beyond our group.

Justice and Fairness

We advocate for justice and fairness for all. We are committed to increasing equity, understanding and caring in our community.

We do not have government by the majority.
We have government by the majority that participate.

Thomas Jefferson

Not voting is not a protest, it is surrender.

Keith Ellison

Contact us at: contactus@ccmarchingforward.org